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Our life coaching and consulting services are designed for neurodivergents by neurodivergents.

Through a collaborative approach, we will explore your preferred ways of learning, communicating, interacting in social settings, and ways in which you perceive your environment.


Individual sessions run either 30-minutes or 60-minutes and take place virtually, by phone, in home, or out in the community. They are tailored to meet your needs and goals with exercises and activities that will help you explore your own unique set of strengths. By learning executive functioning techniques, independent living skills, social skills, or exploring your life plan, you will gain insights and learn strategies to increase your quality of life.

30-Minute Session


60-Minute Session


If applicable, sessions may be paid through an OPWDD Self Direction Budget. Please reach out to your fiscal intermediary for more information.

Executive Functioning



Task Initiation


Time Management

Working Memory



Problem Solving

Perspective Taking

Independent Living

Personal Care 


Clothing Care 

Money Management

Home Maintenance

 Grocery Shopping

Time Management

Personal Hygiene

Scheduling  Appointments

Social Skills

Effective Communication 

Conflict Resolution

Active Listening


Relationship Management 

Setting Goals 

Getting/Giving Feedback 




 Educational Goals 

Employment Goals

Residential Goals

Hobbies & Activities

Health Management


**Please note that I am not a medical professional or a therapist.

ND Minds ROC does not offer medical advice or diagnose.

Life Coaching services are NOT a replacement for therapy.

Please seek out a medical professional if you feel that you or someone you know may need help.

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